Di ka na mapapa what the FAQ. Here are your most frequently asked questions, answered confidently beautiful with a heart <3

Complete your  application through our website https://www.globalcreditpros.com.ph/en/  or download our mobile application available for Android and Apple devices. Search “CreditPros” and proceed with installing our application.

  1. One Government issued ID
  2. Company ID  (Front and Back)
  3. Proof of residence or Barangay Certificate (for tenants, bill can be under the name of the owner of the house) Pls ensure address on the bill is the same registered address on your profile
  4. Latest Payslips (1 month – 2 pay cut offs)

For first time applicants, it may take up to 5 business days since we need to have you verified by HR which happens only every Monday. For repeat borrowers, renewal loans only take 48 business hours assuming documents and the KYC process are completed in a timely manner.

Loan amounts are between Php10,000 up to Php100,000 and can be payable up to 12  months. Both are subject to our approval based on our proprietary credit scoring driven by A.I.

Global CreditPros uses a proprietary software. This is our secret “sauce” that helps us rate an applicant’s credit worthiness. Once you are pre-approved by our system, we then check your documents (especially your payslips) to help provide the best loan option for you. This ensures we keep you safe with your ability to pay off the loan without impacting the quality of your life.

If you are not approved you can re-apply in 3 months for another review.



A Global CreditPros client will need to sign BOTH a Loan Agreement contract and Authority to Deduct. This allows us to be clear on the terms and conditions of the loan. The Authority to Deduct is the legal document that allows us to deduct straight from your salary and back pay if you resign.

At the start of the application process, we will ask you if you have intentions to resign within the terms of the loan. If you took out a loan and resign; the remaining amount will be deducted from your back pay (as agreed per the Authority to Deduct) ONLY IF you have completed your clearance as required by Cognizant

For your financial well being, we only allow you to renew your loan when you have paid 85% of your loan. In general, this will means you will  have only one payment remaining on your online dashboard

For borrowers early renewing, The timing of the early renewal sometimes allow for a refund. You will receive an sms from us about your refund eligibility with instructions.

Yes. Pls upload your documents to your account profile using the website or our mobile apps

An applicant can submit a Barangay Certificate in lieu of a valid proof of billing issued within the last 3 months. For tenants, they can submit a utility bill that is under the name of the owner of the residence provided that the address declared on their profile is the same as that of the bill.

As part of our commitment in making sure that we set up our clients into being successful in paying off the loan, we must review the most recent pay slips. This also allows us to know the amount that an applicant can manage

Yes. Global CreditPros charges up to 2% convenience/processing fee which is deducted from the loan proceeds of the loan.. NO OTHER HIDDEN CHARGES!

Yes. There is a penalty for late payment. The details are in the Loan contract agreement that you can review before we finalize the loan.

Payments from your salary will be posted on your online CreditPros account within 2 business days  from the date of your payday. You will be notified via SMS that your payment has been posted. Consequently, non payment to your loans will also trigger email and sms notices which informs you that you have a missed payment and your account is in Arrears status.

Payment is coursed through HR/Payroll. It is through salary deduction and the amortization is every payday which is 15th and 30th of the month

 Once the loan has been approved and contracts have been signed, you will receive the money straight to you via electronic transfer.

  • We at Global CreditPros DO NOT charge early termination fee.
  • If you pay ahead of time, you will only pay interest on the time you used the money, the interest on the unused months will be waived. However, this will only apply if you will not renew your loan nor take out a new loan in the next 30 days.

Yes, we are fully licensed by the SEC # CS201617237 and are compliant to all permits required by law.

  • Please reach out to CreditPros should there be instances where salary deduction payments for your loans fail for whatever reason so we can provide the best option for you based on your situation and to also prevent penalties from incurring on your loan account. GCP will always find a way to help you but timely and proper communication to us is important. Remember, your loan is your responsibility.

Yes. Please reach out to us should you wish to pay manually. We accept online bank transfer payments from any bank using instapay or GCASH, to our Union Bank account. You will need to send the proof of payment to us and your payment will be validated and posted within 2 business days .

We are open from 8 am to 6pm Monday to Fridays and Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon. We are closed on Saturdays, 12 Noon onwards until Sunday and also during  local Philippine holidays.

Ofcourse! Global CreditPros abide by the Data Privacy laws that govern the land. We have a Data Privacy Officer who monitors compliance to these regulatory requirements that ensure customer data is protected at all times.