"Pros" is a shortened term for professionals. People who have expertise in a specific field. Pro also means priority in space or time having especially a meaning of advancing or projecting outward or forward. It also indicates favor towards something. It is also a word-forming element meaning "forward, forth, toward the front".

The company will be named CreditPros as the aim is to project an image in which the lending company is an association that will help you move forward and not something that will drag you further down. It is also catchy, a name that’s not easily forgotten as it is short and precise. It is a name that will not lead to misunderstandings of the type of company it is and the service it provides. When you hear CreditPros, you will automatically think of financing, money, funds and the like. It won’t be a confusing name to anyone.

Also, when you hear something that has “pro” in it, you envision favorability. You envision choices. When someone is pro something, it means him being behind a proposition. It means support. It means approval. CreditPros will be the term that will carry your business’ endeavors; to foster, to support, to help. In the same time, it will carry the message that who you’re trying to approach are “pros”. Gives it a deeper sense of business.

Slogan / Tagline

"Our interest is you"

This is a kind of slogan that involves wordplay. The term “interest” is associated with money in the sense of banking and finances. But this world also has another meaning. It means something that engages your attention. Something that is your concern. Other catchphrases that have words like bank, and finance and lend would do it as well, but we are aiming for something that portrays an image of the company being easy to run to, something that will support you, foster you and boost your life. This slogan delivers that message. But the word “interest” in the sense of banking and finance conveys that this company means business too.


The logo consists of four lines that bend toward each other. It is in colors blue and green because in blue is perceived as the color of responsibility and green, the color of harmony and growth. It is originally a bigger circle that looks like this.

Blue Ring

It is a ring that is made from two lines that bend to meet each other.

The brighter bended line represents the company. It is the bigger line and it seems to hug the smaller line. It secures the smaller line in some point but doesn’t completely cover it. This represents the company’s aim to help its customers, its aim to boost the customers and support them but not carry them entirely. Also, the company line, or the bigger and brighter line can also signify the customers’ protection and security as it is the line that’s in the outer part. The company line is filled with a brighter shade because it has more resources, this represents the company’s ability to share some of that to the customers’ whose resources aren’t that abundant. The smaller line which is situated in the inner part of the ring represents the customers. Secured and protected by the bigger line. But it being smaller, also signifies that somehow, the customer is under the laws of the company. But having parts that the company line doesn’t cover, means that the customer still has ample space to adjust and to move, it still has its freedom.

The reason why the main logo is made with bending lines instead of parallel lines that either go forward or upward is because the company wants to portray an image of “helping and fostering”. The lines literally mean two different shapes that bend to meet each other.It is also made into a ring instead of a coin is because a ring signifies commitment. It represents a deal. It represents a bond. But at the same time, it also means something of very significant value.

Green Ring

The final logo is just the original logo, duplicated and put inside. This represents the service of the company being repeated, being catered again. Being available to not just one.