• Complete your loan application through our website https://www.globalcreditpros.com.ph.
  • Fill it out with your information and indicate that the name of your employer and your accurate date of hire.
  • Make sure you finish not just the registration but also the Verifi.me process.
  • Upload the necessary documents in your Global CreditPros account upon registration.
  • We send you the online contract and authority to deduct.
  • Once we receive that, we will transfer the money to your bank account.

We would ask for the following:

  • One Government issued ID
  • Company ID
  • Employee Number
  • Proof of residence (with the applicant’s name) or Barangay Certificate
  • Latest Payslips (2 months)

NOTE: Failure to provide documents or blurry documents may cause a delay in processing your application

Loans ranging from P10,000 to P100,000, payable from 1 to 12 month term depending on our credit analysis of an individual with consideration on the employee’s net pay.

Funds are disbursed within 24 hours (excluding weekends) of you signing BOTH documents.

It can be done in one day if all requirements are provided and verified via our standard phone call.However, it typically takes 2 to 3 business days.

You can renew your loan when you have one payment remaining or have completed 85% of your payments.This is to keep you out of the cycle of debt and support Financial Health

Interest rate is dependent on the partnership. One of the best in the market in terms of total cost of money for you. This will be disclosed in the Loan Agreement contract. You will have the opportunity to review all the terms and conditions of the contract before any final decisions are made from your end.

Global CreditPros uses a proprietary software. This is our secret “sauce” that helps us rate an applicant’s credit worthiness. Once you are pre-approved by our system, we then check your documents help provide the best loan option for you. This ensures we keep you safe with your ability to pay off the loan without impacting the quality of your life.

If you are not approved you can re-apply in 3 months for another review.

No. You must upload at least 2 documents. However it is preferred that you upload all documents. This will speed up the application review and process.

Any type of bill that shows the applicant’s name with their current address. This document will help us establish your residence which is a critical piece in the approval process. If the applicant cannot provide a bill that bears his/her name, they can submit a Barangay Clearance in lieu of the Proof of billing.

Yes. This will be disclosed in the Loan Agreement contract. You will have the opportunity to review all the terms and conditions of the contract before any final decisions are made from your end.

Yes. There is a penalty for late payment. The details are in the Loan contract agreement that you can review before we finalize the loan.

A reloan is possible once the loan is at least 85% paid.

Payment can be the following

  • Salary Deduction
  • Automatic Debit Agreement
  • Deposit through BPI or UnionBank (Where you will send us the proof of transfer every payment)
  • e-wallet payments (Coins.ph or Gcash)

Once the loan has been approved, and all the contracts are complete, within 24 hours, you will receive the money straight to your bank account.

  • We at Global CreditPros DO NOT charge early termination fee.
  • If you pay ahead of time, you will only pay interest on the time you use the money (per cycle).

Yes, we are fully licensed by the SEC #CS201617257 and are compliant to all permits required by law.

Truth and Tranparency in Lending Enhanced Implementation of the Truth in Lending Act (Republic Act 3765)

The state protects its citizens from a lack of awareness of the true cost of credit to the customer by assuring a full disclosure of such cost and other term and conditions with a view of preventing the uninformed use of credit.

As such, a disclosure statement is a required attachment to the loan contract. It shall include, at a minimum the following information:

  • Total Amount to be financed
  • Finance charges and all other charges incident to the loan
  • Net proceeds of the loan
  • Schedule of payment

The percentage that the finance charge bears to the total amount to be financed expressed as an Effective Interest Rate (EIR)

Important notice: The borrower has the right to demand a copy of the disclosure statement.

You can reach us through:

Facebook: Global CreditPros

Global: +63 995 795 6012

Smart: +63 998 192 6270

Website: https://www.GlobalCreditPros.com.ph